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Monday, 13 June 2016

Think. Act.

People fail in life because they allow their fear of failure to out weigh their desire to succeed. You are going to make some mistakes and it is okay. Anything is worth doing, is worth doing badly, is worth doing right if you know how to do it but if you don't know how to do it worth doing badly until you get it right. Confused? Read it again, again and again, till the time it hits your soul. You have to be willing to experiment with life. I have got a variety of things that I have absolutely no idea. I have the ability to do those things. Here is what I can say about you, I don't even know you. But You've greatness within you which you will not discover in your comfort zone. You got to be willing to give outside your comfort zone, fight outside your comfort zone, breathe outside your comfort zone and achieve outside your comfort zone, if you peacefully wanna life your rest of your life within your comfort zone. In order to do something you've never done you got to become someone you've never been. And most people go to their graves with the greatness still in. Get up and do something you've never done to achieve something you've never achieved because I'm very sure you don't want to regret on your death bed.
Live life. Love life. 

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