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Friday, 29 April 2016


The power of Two. You meet these two people in the journey of life. Two things that can
change your life. Two Things that can ruin your life. Two options in life.
Love and Hate ­ It teaches you how important you can be to someone, how important
something could be to you. Love what you do. Love who care for you.
Hate get into the game of Hate, it just takes a millisecond to destroy your life, shorten the path
to success.
Right and Wrong ­ make wise decisions, chose the right set of people to hang out with. Every
wrong thoughts, decisions you walk away from your dreams.
Win and Lose ­ You fail once, is not a failure. Failure is when you don’t give it the second shot. Failure is a much more faithful teacher than immediate success.
That is when you fail. Winning is through all the hustle, the failure you go through. You WIN .
I met these two people in my life. You know how strangers become Friends and eventually play
a major role in our life. We all have the same mind set, we hustle, we strive to success. So
here's how it is, one takes you through the right path to success but there other one makes you
hustle so hard success come in search of you. One takes your weakness and molds you to
become strong the other one strengthens your positive aspects so strong, that strength is all

you got. Make use of all the opportunity you get in life. Stay strong.
Live life. Love life.

- Anup Anand